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Dr. Ruth Gotian routinely publishes in media journals just as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, and in academic journals such as Academic Medicine, Nature, Journal of Clinical Investigation, and British Journal of Anesthesia.

How To Develop A Mentoring Team - Forbes, July 2020


How To Attract, Retain, And Lead High Performers - Forbes, June 2020


3 Things That Stop People From Achieving Their Leadership Goals - Training Industry, Inc, June 2020


How To Win and Lose Like An Olympic Champion - Forbes, June 2020


How To Amplify The Voice of Your Mentees - Forbes, June 2020


How Peer Mentors Can Help You Succeed - Forbes, June 2020


Do What You Love: But First Find Out What That Is - Forbes, June 2020


How To Fight Imposter Syndrome In The Time of Coronavirus - Harvard Business Review Ascend, June 2020


Beat The Working-From-Home Blues - Nature Index, June 2020


Olympian Kemoy Campbell Teaches Us How to Have A Goal-Setting Mindset - Forbes, May 2020

7 Astronauts Offer Tips On How To Thrive While Social Distancing - Forbes, May 2020

Never Has There Been A More Critical Time To Show Empathy At Work - Forbes, May 2020

5 Steps To Help You Effectively Mentor During A Pandemic - Forbes, May 2020


6  Steps To Help Extroverts Endure Social Distancing - Forbes, May 2020


Mentoring While Social Distancing - Closler, April 2020


Mentoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Nature, April 2020


How Perceptions of a Successful Physician-Scientist Varies with Gender and Career Stage: Toward Defining Physician-Scientist’s Success BMC Medical Education, February 2020


Why I Stand. Academic Medicine, February 2020


Five ‘Power Skills’ for Becoming a Team Leader. Nature, January 2020      


Mentoring Women in Anesthesiology. How A Mentoring Circle Supports Female Anesthesiologists At Every Career Stage. British Journal of Anesthesia, January 2020


Using Admissions Statistics to Encourage Diverse Applicants to MD-PhD Programs, Journal of Clinical Investigation, December 2019 


Put Participants First in Conference Design. Nature, September 2019                 


Breast Imaging Fellowship Match: Program Director’s Perspective in Year Two, Journal of Breast Imaging, September 2019

Networking for Introverted Scientists Nature, April 2019   

What Happens When Female Physicians Gather? Scientific American, April 2019

Why You Need A Support Team, Nature, March 2019


Three Steps to Landing an Undergraduate Research Internship, Nature, December 2018


Lame Advice for Female Professionals. Scientific American July 2018 


From the Eyes of a Recruiter. Inside Higher Ed, January 2018


Presenting at Your Own Institution. Inside Higher Ed, October, 2017


Optimizing Success of Physician-Scientists ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, February 2017 


Gateways to the Laboratory: How a MD-PhD Program increased the number of minority physician-scientists. Academic Medicine, May 2017


Mentoring the Mentors: Just Because You Have the Title Doesn’t Mean You Know What You Are Doing. College Student Journal, March 2016


MD-PhD, Is it Right for Me? The Advisor: The Journal of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions. September 2012

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