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As an executive coach, I work with a limited number of hand-selected mid and high-level professionals to help them develop their leadership ascension, crystallize their job search strategy, and/or raise their profile. My clients generally approach me to develop a customized actionable plan for a variety of challenges. Sometimes they are either in a career rut, they are in a new leadership role and wish to optimize their effectiveness as they lead teams and projects, or they wish to become more nationally recognized for their work. Each coaching session is tailored to the individual’s goals and aspirations. 


Coaching is held virtually via phone or video (Zoom). You will have an extensive intake interview and be given an assessment. We will work on your vision, goal, and detailed plan to help you ascend and achieve your goals and objectives.


All those who successfully complete the coaching sessions are invited to join a select elite group of people who have contracted my professional services (coaching, keynote speaking, etc). This exclusive group, a community of practice, gives each other guidance, perspective, and shares opportunities. 

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