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Dr. Ruth Gotian hosts a weekly show called “Optimizing Success.” She hosts high achievers as they discuss their road to success and what lessons can be learned from their journey. Hot topics include finding your passion, mentorship, sponsorships, developing a network, imposter syndrome, being known as an expert and showing gratitude.


The events are hosted live on Mondays at 8 PM EST and can be viewed on Facebook at The Mentor Project.

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Dr. Ruth Gotian's video series, "Mentoring Moments," shares brief videos to answer your mentoring, networking, and professional development questions. Plenty of actionable tips that you can implement immediately.

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How to Keep High Performers Engaged

How to Keep High Performers Engaged

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Becoming an Inspiring Mentor

Becoming an Inspiring Mentor

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Dr. Ruth Gotian routinely publishes in media journals just as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Scientific

American, and in academic journals such as Academic Medicine, Nature, Journal of Clinical Investigation, and British Journal of Anesthesia.

Why Your Vision May Be Nothing More Than an Idea, Forbes, August 3, 2021


What Covid Taught Us About Leading with Grace, Psychology Today, July 28, 2021

7 Olympic And Paralympic Champions Share Memories Of Winning Their Gold Medal, Forbes, July 27, 2021

Free Food And Laundry - Olympians Share Their Best Memories, Forbes, July 23, 2021

From Diamond In The Rough To Shining Star; Becoming The Mentee Everyone Wants, Forbes, July 20, 2021


No Promotion? How to Prevent Yourself from Becoming Expendable, Forbes, July 13, 2021


How the Greatest in the World Reverse Engineer Success, Forbes, July 6, 2021


Negative Experiences: Stick Like Velcro or Glide Off Like Teflon?, Forbes, June 29, 2021


Why ‘Fake It Until You Make It’ Might be Sabotaging Your Career, Forbes, June 22, 2021


5 Steps to Turn Your Idea Into a Powerful TED-Worthy Story, Forbes, June 15, 2021


Why Some People Seem to Be Getting What They Want, Forbes, June 8, 2021


What Causes Honest People to Become Dishonest?, Psychology Today, June 6, 2021


Too Distracted? Learn How to Be Where Your Feet Are, Forbes, June 1, 2021    


Thank you or Thx? Why Your Emails Might Hint at Your Passive-Aggressiveness, Forbes, May 28, 2021


5 Steps to Being More Courageous As We Return to Work, Forbes, May 25, 2021     


Why Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Kept Winning On and Off the Court, Forbes, May 18, 2021


6 Reasons Why Some People Dream and Others Achieve, Forbes, May 11, 2021       


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Overcoming Anxiety At Work, Psychology Today, May 3, 2021


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Disheartened by Lack of Progression at Work? Here’s How To Turn Displeasure Into Success, Forbes, April 20, 2021


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When Your Favorite Book Becomes a Course For Work, Forbes, April 6, 2021


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Why The No. 1 Executive Coach Is Giving Away His Intellectual Property - Forbes, March 9, 2021


Adding Value: How To Get Your Ideas Noticed - Forbes, March 2, 2021


This is What the Best Mentors Do - Forbes, February 23, 2021


President Biden Gives A Masterclass on How To Own A Room - Forbes February 17, 2021


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Dr. Ruth Gotian is frequently interviewed on podcasts. Below are some of her recent interviews.

Ruth Gotian and Amul Mago - The Superhuman Project (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Andy Lopata - Connected Leadership (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Allison Liddle - Launch, How Achievers Excel (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Scott Maderer - Stewardship Coaching


Ruth Gotian and Amol Gupta - Mentors in Medicine, Four Pillars of Success(2021)


Ruth Gotian and Susan Rocco - Women 2 Watch (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Simon Behan - Learn to Grow (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Vineet Chopra - Mentoring in Medicine (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Diana Hamilton (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Jax Scott - Imposter Syndrome (2021)


Ruth Gotian and Jax Scott - Meet Your Mentor (2021)


Optimizing Success with Dr. Ruth Gotian - Take the Lead Radio with Dr. Diane Hamilton


How Successful People Do Things Differently - Mindful Leadership with Jason Cooper


Women In Leadership: The Ripple Effect - South Florida’s IT Palooza


Meet Your Mentor: Dr. Ruth Gotian - The Mentor Project


Grace Under Pressure - John Baldoni and Ruth Gotian


The Success Factor - Back to Basics


Ignore The Naysayers And Achieve Your Dreams - Keep on Pushing with Olympic bobsledder (Jamaica) Devon Harris


Secrets of Success - The Underdog Show

Why Some People Reach Exceptional Levels of Success - The Robert Timmons Show 


What Makes High Achievers Great - Crossnet 


Fear Not Trying More Than You Fear Failing - Women Worldwide


What Does It Mean To Be A Mentor? - Good Life Coach


How High Achievers Can Optimize For Success - Conversations with Global Thought Leaders 


Building a Successful Career and Getting to the Top of Your Field - Connected Leadership


The Value of Mentorship - OK, Intern


How to Optimize Success and What We Can Learn From High Achievers - Imperfectly Ambitious


How to Go From Average to High Achieving - Access to Anyone


Using Power Skills To Develop High Performing Teams - Key Conversations 


The Fear of Not Trying - Mentoring Physician-Scientists 

How to Succeed Like A High Achiever - Everyday Athlete


Mentoring Physician-Scientists - Behind the Microscope


Mentoring Women - Wonder Women in Business 


Mentoring during a pandemic -  The Educator’s Podcast 


Microaggressions - The Educator’s Podcast


Mentoring - Growth Edge Leadership Podcast 


Mentoring - Business RadioX, Learning Insights 


Mentoring the Mentors - The Educator’s Podcast 

MD-PhD Admissions and Gateways to the Laboratory Program, Tri-I Pod



Below are articles where Dr. Ruth Gotian and her work were featured:

Pre-Pandemic Career Goals Don’t Work. Do This Instead - In Her Sight, April 2021


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Thinkers50 Celebrates International Women’s Day: An Interview with Ruth Gotian and Dorie Clark - March 2021


What is Imposter Syndrome? - Medium, March 2021


What To Do If Asking For Help Makes You Uncomfortable - Forbes, February 2021


New Leadership Skills for 2021 - Hive Learning, February 2021

State of Leadership 2021 - Hive Learning, February 2021

Soft Skills Are Too Hard For Too Many People - Forbes, January 2021

Leverage Your Success - Thrive Global, October 2020

Pre-Pandemic Career Goals Don’t Work.  Do This Instead - In Her Sight, September 2020

Give More Than You Take - Fem Founder, July 2020

How to Cope with Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome (Especially During a Crisis) | Infographic - HBR Ascend, July 2020

Hire People Who Think Differently Than You - CEO Blog Nation, June 2020


Mentorship is Key to Fighting Professional Loneliness in COVID-19 - Thrive Global, June 2020

So You’re Headed to the Diversity Reboot Summit: A Virtual Conference Guide - Power to Fly, June 2020

A message for mentors from dissatisfied graduate students, Nature, November 2019

PhDs: the tortuous truth - Nature, November 2019

The Science of Effective Mentoring in STEMM, The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, 2019

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