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Dr. Ruth Gotian has led thousands of audience members through a transformational experience as they optimize their personal and professional success.


Her talks motivate, inspire and recharge. She’s given hundreds of talks to audiences ranging from high school students to corporate C-Suite.


In audiences with thousands of participants, she makes every person feel special and that they matter.


Never tethered to a podium, Dr. Ruth Gotian is an expert facilitator. She moves around the room and engages every audience member through small group discussions which feed into the bigger message.


Every voice is heard, from the most junior member to the Dean or CEO. She uses real-life stories, humor and a solid inspirational and actionable message.


Dr. Ruth Gotian is an expert on optimizing success and her talks are grounded in how to enhance these skills. She speaks around the globe on topics which lead to high performance and success including mentorship, leadership, adult learning and optimizing productivity. Some of her most popular talks are on the topics of:


Optimizing Success



How Adults Learn

Leadership Development

Finding Your Passion and Purpose


Most Requested Topics


The Success Factor
Developing the mindset and skillset of high achievers 

High achievers can provide 400% more productivity than an average employee.


Based on research with Nobel laureates, astronauts, Fortune 500 CEOs and Olympic champions, learn the four pillars that can turn your team and you into high achievers.


Learn how a few micro changes can have an enormous impact.


How A Mentor

Can Help You


Buckle your seatbelts as you are about to go through a crash course on mentoring.


All high achievers have mentors. They all share that their success would not have been nearly as potent without the help of a mentor.


Learn why those who have mentors outperform and outearn those who don’t. Identify how a mentor can help you succeed and determine who should be on your mentoring team in order to optimize your success.


Lots of actionable tips for both mentors and mentees. 


The Missing

Link In

Your High



If you want to build high performance teams, you need to understand how your colleagues learn and absorb information.


Participants leave this interactive talk understanding their own learning style, based on the Kolb Learning Style Inventory, and how to work with people who learn differently than them.


Understand how to optimize the learning strengths of the people around you in order to develop and leverage the most effective teams. 


Having planned events for over three decades, Dr. Gotian knows that it’s the small details that no one sees that are the most important. She’s routinely told she is an extremely low maintenance and high impact speaker.